History of IBMR

God called a young man named Landon Nine to start In Balance Music. Landon saw the need for a radio station that is dedicated to playing music that has an in balance beat, is a blessing, and is edifying to the whole family. The internet was chosen because of its versatility, coverage area, and the cost to transmit. In Balance Music began broadcasting Saturday, August 25, 2007.

All the music we play has been checked by a team to make sure the music is In Balance. This team has gone through each song one by one. Now you don’t need to go hunting for good music, we have it all right here. If you know of some good new music let us know about it.

(Note: Some ads heard on In Balance Music Radio we have no control over the background music, such as USA Radio Network News ads at the top of the hour, etc).

We have some of the best information you can get like news from USA Radio Network News at the top of each hour, updates on the IBLP ministry, and Character Qualities. You can hear all this through out the day here on In Balance Music Radio.

This new radio station can be heard around the world through the internet .The melodious in balance music we play has been a great joy to many people, and we would love to have you join in this great blessing. Music that you can trust and information you can count on will be good for the whole family.